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Jobs at The Hub

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Peer Technology Specialist

Peer Technology Specialists are here to advise and educate students on all aspects of computing and technology use at Stanford, consult with students on computer-related problems, and support graduate residential network connections and residence computer clusters. Peer Technology Specialist Job Description 

Student Software Developer

Learning Technologies & Spaces is looking for students to help develop and maintain software systems that support the operational and programmatic needs of the department, including computing cluster operations, consulting services, network registration, teaching and learning activities, and a dynamic web presence. The student software developer position is a great opportunity to gain practical programming experience while contributing to software products that service students, staff, and faculty at the University. Products are primarily database-backed web applications using a variety of technologies and programming languages. Student developers report directly to full-time developers. Student Software Development Job Description 

Student Image Developer

The Student Image Developer (Imaging Tech) assists in developing, maintaining, updating, and deploying macOS and Windows software images for managed computers in public, residential, classroom, and library environments. The position reports to the Systems Software Supervisor, with supervisory and project input from the Technical Systems Specialists. The job runs full-time during the summer and part-time during the school year. Students working during the Academic Year automatically qualify for a summer position, which includes an on-campus housing stipend. Student Image Developer Job Description 

Technical Support Specialist

The Technical Support Specialists (Techs) are responsible for regular computer maintenance, new hardware installation, and operational support for staff and the public computing spaces operated by Learning Technologies & Spaces. This includes staff offices and public computing spaces located in Lathrop, Old Union, and student residences. Technical Support Specialist Job Description 

Tech Desk Consultant

Consultants are responsible for providing friendly and knowledgeable assistance at the Tech Desk for users of the Lathrop Learning Hub and other locations managed by Learning Technologies & Spaces. They are quick learners who exhibit a great interest in helping people get their work done using our technology resources. Consultants are well-aware of the importance of excellent customer service and keeping up to date with the latest technologies and services that Lathrop has to offer. Tech Desk Consultant Job Description