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Available Software

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Use a Campus Computer or Virtual Desktop

Cluster computer software is available on in-person Cluster Computers and remotely at  Check the complete list of cluster software below. Stanford affiliates can log in to a cluster computer with their Stanford account from a personal computer. The virtual desktop program is a free service open to Stanford affiliates. Please visit for more information.

Looking for a specific application? Click here or scroll down to see a table listing of software applications available on cluster computers.  If you can't find the software you need, please visit here for instructions on how to install more software on the cluster computers.

Software for Students’ Own Computers

Request Cluster Software

To request new software, software updates, or software removals on LTS-managed computers, please visit the Cluster Software Change Request page.

Visit our Find Computers page to find cluster computers for your use.

Software Applications on Cluster Computers

CategoryApplicationMac Cluster & VirtualWindows Virtual ClusterMedia StationCheckout LaptopClassroom Desktop
  macOS 13.xxWindows ServermacOS 13.xxmacOS 13.xxmacOS 13.xx
UtilitiesPanopto Recorder    X
Office/ProductivityABBYY FineReader 15 Corporate Edition X   
MusicAbleton Live 11XXX X
Internet/CommunicationsAdiumX XXX
Media ProductionAdobe CC - Acrobat Pro DC X*X  
Media ProductionAdobe CC - After Effects CC 2023 X*X  
Media ProductionAdobe CC - Animate CC 2023 X*X  
Media ProductionAdobe CC - Audition CC 2023 X*X  
Media ProductionAdobe CC - Dreamweaver CC 2021 X*X  
Media ProductionAdobe CC - Extend Script Toolkit CC X*X  
Media ProductionAdobe CC - Illustrator CC 2023 X*X  
Media ProductionAdobe CC - InCopy CC 2023 X*X  
Media ProductionAdobe CC - InDesign CC 2023 X*X  
Media ProductionAdobe CC - Lightroom Classic CC X*X  
Media ProductionAdobe CC - Media Encoder CC 2023 X*X  
Media ProductionAdobe CC - Photoshop CC 2023 X*X  
Media ProductionAdobe CC - Premiere Pro CC 2023 X*X  
Office/ProductivityAdobe Reader DCXXXXX
Computer ProgrammingAndroid StudioX XXX
GISArcGIS Pro 3.x X   
ChemistryAspenPlus Engineering Suite V14 including:
* Aspen Plus
* Aspen HYSYS
* Aspen Process Economic Analyzer
* Aspen Capital Cost Estimator
* Aspen in Plant Cost Estimator
Computer ProgrammingAtomX XXX
Internet/CommunicationsAudacityX XXX
AcademicBlueBook   X 
ChemistryChemOffice/Draw Professional 22X    
UtilitiesCisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client (VPN) X XXX
Media ProductionCompressor   X X
Create SpaceCricut  X  
File TransferCyberduckX XXX
Media ProductionAutodesk Fusion 360 X   
Media ProductionAutodesk Revit 2024 X   
Media ProductionHoudini SideFX 20  XX 
Create SpaceDigilab 3D Slicer   X  
Office/ProductivityEndNote Plug-Ins     
GISENVI 5.7 & IDL 8.9X    
Civil EngineeringEPANet X   
UtilitiesEpson ScanX XXX
SecurityCrowdStrikeX XXX
Media ProductionFinal Cut Pro X   X  
MusicFinale 27X    
Media ProductionGIMP X XXX
Computer ProgrammingGit X XXX
Internet/CommunicationsGoogle ChromeXXXXX
Cloud File StorageGoogle Drive File Stream   XX
GISGoogle Earth Pro X X  
Media ProductionHandbrakeX X X
Media ProductioniLife - GarageBand X XXX
Media ProductioniLife - iMovie X XXX
Media ProductionInkScape X XXX
Media ViewerIrfanView     
Office/ProductivityiWork 2022X XXX
Computer ProgrammingJava SE Development Kit 11     
Qualitative, Statistical, and MathematicalJMP Pro 17X    
Office/ProductivityMacTeXX XXX
Qualitative, Statistical, and MathematicalMathematica 13X    
Qualitative, Statistical, and MathematicalMATLAB R2023bXX XX
ChemistryMestrenova 15XX   
Office/ProductivityMicrosoft Office 365XXXXX
Office/ProductivityMicrosoft Project X   
UtilitiesMicrosoft Remote Desktop ConnectionXXX X
UtilitiesMIT Kerberos     
Media ProductionMotion  X X
Computer ProgrammingNotepad++     
AccessibilityNVDA X   
Qualitative, Statistical, and MathematicalNvivo 14.xXX   
Qualitative, Statistical, and MathematicalOpen RefineX    
ChemistryOriginPro 2024 X   
Computer ProgrammingPyCharm  (Community Edition)X XXX
Computer ProgrammingJuliaX    
ChemistryPyRosetta 4 monolithX XXX
Computer ProgrammingPython 2.7X XXX
ChemistryPython 3.11X XXX
ChemistryPython Celltool 2.0X XX 
ChemistryCell ProfilerX    
Computer ScienceQT Creator 6X    
Qualitative, Statistical, and MathematicalRX  XX
Office/ProductivityRefworks Write-n-Cite     
Qualitative, Statistical, and MathematicalRStudioX    
Computer ProgrammingRubyX XXX
Qualitative, Statistical, and MathematicalSAS 9.4 X   
MusicSibeliusXXX X
Internet/CommunicationsSlackX XXX
CAD/EngineeringSolidWorks X   
Qualitative, Statistical, and MathematicalSPSS Statistics 29X    
Qualitative, Statistical, and MathematicalStata 18XXX  
Civil EngineeringSUMO 22 X   
UtilitiesThe UnarchiverX XXX
Create SpaceTinkercad  X  
Create SpaceUltimaker Cura  X  
Media PlayerVLCX XXX
UtilitiesWacom Tablet DriversX XXX
Computer ProgrammingXcodeX XXX
UtilitiesXQuartzX XXX
Internet/CommunicationsZoomX XXX

Software Table Last Updated: 03/27/2024
* Named user license required.  Please checkout license from the Tech Desk at Lathrop Learning Hub.  Only available for users that need sound who need to use Adobe CC products remotely.
Note: Unless otherwise indicated above the latest version of the software should be deployed.