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Apporto Canvas Integration

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Apporto Virtual Desktop Canvas Integration

With an LTI integration, faculty and students can access Apporto directly from Canvas. They can login via Canvas and click on the course navigation menu to directly launch either the Apporto Windows or macOS virtual desktop.

The class information is passed directly to Apporto. Course information is passed to Messenger and Classroom View, enabling collaboration among students and assistance from faculty. Additionally, if reservation of a number of seats is desired for a certain class period, i.e M-F 1-2:00pm, please send an email with the course name, instructor name, instructor SUNetID, quarter being taught, desired time slots, desired OS (Windows or macOS) and the desired number of seats (up to 20 Windows and 10 macOS) to to make a reservation.

To add the navigation link to your Canvas course:

  1. Log into Canvas
  2. Open your course
  3. Click on Settings in the navigation menu
  4. Click on the Navigation tab
  5. Look at the listing that shows items hidden from students and drag and drop the Apporto Windows or macOS Virtual Desktop to order within Canvas navigation
  6. Click Save
  7. Finally it'll show the course navigation menu

See guide below: