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Audio Equipment & Accessories


Voice Recorders

We offer several handheld voice recorders for capturing audio on the go. We carry models from Olympus (LS-20M, VN-702PC, LS-10S), Zoom (H1), and Sony.

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Wireless Mics

We offer Sony WCS-999, Sennheiser ew100G3, and BOYA BY-WM4 wireless microphone sets. Each set includes a microphone, wireless transmitter, wireless receiver, and 3.5 mm audio cables for connecting the receiver to a camera or computer for audio recording. Sony packs include an earphone for live audio monitoring.

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For recording audio or projecting live sound, we have a number of microphone options to choose from. Beyond our wireless mic sets, we carry Blue Yeti microphones, Fifine USB microphones, Shure XLR microphones, and Audio Technica 3.5mm microphones. 

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We have a few different speaker options to choose from. We carry a number of over-ear and in-ear headphones, UE Boom 2 bluetooth speakers, and Pyle PPHP1037UB PA monitors.

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Camera Packs & Accessories


Canon DSLR

Options include the Canon T3i, T5i, and T6 DSLR’s. The pack includes a camera body, an 18-135 mm Canon lens, lens filter, lens cap, battery, and SD card. Also included is a battery charger and mini USB cable for transferring images to a computer. We also offer external shotgun mics for recording high quality audio on the DSLR. [LENSES]

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Canon Vixia HF G20

Featuring the Canon Vixia HF G20 camcorder, this pack also includes a lens cap, battery, power cable and charger, and a mini USB cable for transferring video to a computer.

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Canon Vixia HF M52

Featuring the Canon Vixia HF M52 camcorder, this pack also includes a battery, charger, and Mini USB cable for transferring video to a computer.

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Laptops & Accessories


External DVD Drives

We offer LG Slim Portable Blu-Ray Multi Drives, compatible with Blu-Ray and DVD formats. THe pack includes a external DVD drive and mini USB cable for connecting to a computer.

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Options include the Dell M410HD and various Epson Projectors (Powerlite 97, VS240, Powerlite Home Cinema 640, Powerlite 93 ). All projector packs include a projector, HDMI cable, and power cable. We also offer a range of HDMI adapters for checkout if needed.

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The Tech Desk has a number of iPads available for checkout. Each iPad comes with a lightning cable and charging block. Apple Pencils are also available for checkout.

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Portable Monitors

ASUS 16.6" ZenScreen portable monitors are available for checkout. Portable Monitors come with a folding casestand and USB-C to USB-C Data Cable. 

USB-C to USB-A ASUS Adapters for portable monitors are available upon request. Drivers will need to be installed on your device in order use USB-C to USBA ASUS Adapters. You can find drivers for your computer by clicking here.