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macOS Sandbox

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macOS Sandbox

Launch a macOS Sandbox environment in a Virtual Machine (VM). It offers a virtual sandbox with administrative privileges, allowing users to install their own software.  Upon resetting the sandbox or computer, the sandbox will be deleted.  This service is available only on the Apple Silicon Checkout Laptops from the Tech Desk.  If you wish to use this function, please specifically request those laptops.

Getting Started:

 1. To run the macOS Sandbox, please open the macOS Sandbox shortcut from the dock or the Application folder in Finder.  Once the Stanford AppStore opens, please read the description and click install.  Wait approximately, 15-30 minutes for the sandbox to be installed.  Alternatively, if there is no macOS Sandbox application shortcut available in the dock or Application folder, please search for and install it from the Stanford AppStore.

2.  Once the macOS Sandbox is installed, it'll launch a Screensharing window that launches a fresh install of macOS in a virtual machine.  Administrator rights are available on the machine.  Homebrew and Xcode is pre-installed for convenience.  Users can install a variety of software as if they were on their own computer.  Once you are finished, to shutdown the sandbox to save resources, please choose Shutdown from the Apple menu from within the sandbox.

macOS Sandbox 2


Please note the following:

* Files can be shared between the host OS using the folder "~/Documents/macOS Sandbox Share" and the guest sandbox OS using the folder "/Volumes/My Shared Files/macOS Sandbox Share."
* To relaunch or reconnect to the sandbox, launch the macOS Sandbox application in the /Applications folder or the shortcut to the application on your desktop.
* To shutdown and restart the sandbox, perform the shutdown or restart in the guest sandbox OS.
* Please shutdown the sandbox within the guest OS to save resources when not in use.
* To delete and reset the sandbox for a fresh environment, reinstall the "macOS Sandbox" policy in the Stanford Appstore.
* Ensure all files are saved from the sandbox before resetting the sandbox or returning the computer.
* Mac App Store and iCloud are unavailable in the guest sandbox OS.
* iCloud account access via the web is available.
* Xcode and Homebrew are pre-installed for convenience.
* This service is provided as-is without additional support.

For additional information or customization, visit