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The LTS Fall Quarter 2023 Public Cluster Computing Image has been deployed to the on-campus cluster computers and the Apporto cloud virtual desktop. To see the full list of available software, please visit the Available Software page. 

Important LTS Technical Systems announcements:

  • Athonia Capelli has joined the Technical Systems team as a systems administrator. Please welcome Athonia as our newest team member!
  • Apporto – Canvas Integration: The Technical Systems team has introduced a new integration of Apporto Virtual Cloud Desktop with Canvas which provides direct Virtual Desktop Access from Canvas. No extra installations or logins required. Please visit Apporto Canvas Integration for more information.
  • Apporto policies: Each virtual desktop user is allocated a maximum file storage capacity of 2GB. Additionally, user accounts inactive for more than 12 months will be deprovisioned. Files will be purged 60 days after account deprovisioning. Please visit Virtual Desktop Policies for the full list of policies.
  • Speechify is now Stanford Office of Accessible Education’s preferred solution for text to speech software replacing Read & Write and EquatIO. Please use Speechify for all your TTS needs. Visit Speechify to get started.
  • Matlab, Mathematica, ENVI+IDL, JMP, SAS, SPSS and more continue to be available free of charge to Stanford Affiliates to use on their own computers through the hard work of the Software Licensing group.  Please visit the UIT site for more info.
  • Applications that are on the virtual desktop that require sound continue to be available on the Windows virtual desktop.  These software include Adobe Creative Cloud apps, Sibelius, Finale, and Ableton Live.

Notable changes for the Academic Year 2023-2024 image: 

  • macOS has been updated to Ventura.  The updated OS brings security and bug fixes.  To see if a cluster computer has received the latest updates, please look for the yellow macOS Ventura login screen shown below and the last updated date at the center bottom of the login screen to be the current date. 
macos ventura
  • License managers have been updated for several software packages that are used on the LTS cluster computers and on Stanford faculty and students’ own devices.  
  • Over 50 software packages have been updated and installed for this academic year.  Below is a list of the major packages installed or updated. Software listed below is installed on both macOS and Windows unless otherwise specified. 
    • Chemistry                                                                   
      • ChemOffice 22
      • Origin Pro 2023b
      • Mestrenova 14.3.3
    • Computer Science                              
      • Qt 6.5.2 / Qt Creator 11.0.2
      • Xcode 15.0 (macOS only)
      • SideFX Houdini 19.5.640
      • Ilastik 1.4.0 Final
      • CellProfiler 4.2.5
    • Engineering / Math   
      • Matlab R2023a
      • Mathematica  13.3
      • Autodesk Revit 2024.1 (Windows only)
      • Autodesk Fusion 360 (Windows only)
    • Mechanical Engineering / Engineering Library                    
      • Solidworks 2023 (Windows only)
    • Music
      • Finale 27.3
      • Sibelius Ultimate 2023.8
      • Ableton Live 11.3.4
    • Office of Accessible Education (OAE)
      • NVDA 2023.3 (Windows only)
      • Removed Read & Write and EquatIO
    • Stanford Social Science Data and Software (SDSS)
      • Nvivo 14
      • Stata 18
      • JMP 17.1
      • SAS 9.4 m8
      • ENVI 5.7/IDL 8.9
    • Stanford Geospatial Center (SGC) / GIS                                
      • ArcGIS Pro 3.1.3 (Windows only)
      • QGIS 3.32
    • Lathrop Learning Hub – Media and Create Space
      • Digilab 3D Slicer 1.2.3
      • Removed Autodesk Eagle, Matter and Form, and Bantam Tools


Applications that only run on Windows are available online via

The Apporto Virtual Cloud Windows Desktop can also be launched on the macOS cluster computer through the dock.  Please see below.

Apporto macos links

All other academic applications are also available on the Apporto Virtual macOS Cloud Desktop at in addition to the cluster computers.