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3D Printing at the create:space

The create:space now lets you do your own 3D printing! 3D Print Kits are available for checkout from The Tech Desk/ All prints are FREE for all students, pending availability of our 3D Print Kits.

How to checkout a 3D Print Kit

Enroll in the Learning Hub Equipment Certification Class

  1. Click on the link to the Learning Hub Equipment Certification Class Canvas Course
  2. Complete the 3D Printing Course
  3. Screenshot your results for each assignment or completion of the course
  4. Go to the Request Support from The Tech Desk, submit a ticket and attached your screenshot
  5. You will receive a confirmation stating you can now check out our 3D Print Kits from The Tech Desk

How to checkout a 3D Print Kit

  1. Go to The Tech Desk Webcheckout Patron Portal
  2. Sign In with your SUNet ID and Password
  3. Click on Reserve on the Left Column
  4. Fill out the form
  5. Make sure your reservation is being made 24 hours in advance
  6. At the bottom of the form, click on the Open Book Icon
  7. In the list of items to reserve, select 3D Print Kits
  8. Click on the green + icon to add it to your cart
  9. Click on the X icon to close the pop-up window
  10. Click on the Save button at the top right corner to submit your reservation request
  11. Await a confirmation email stating your reservation has been

Dremel 3D Slicer Software

We recommend preparing (known as "slicing") your model for the Dremel 3D40 and 3D45 printers by utilizing the software found at the 3PI Tech Solutions website. Please download the correct software for your macOS or WindowsOS.

3D Print Kit Policies and Key Information

Usage Policies

  • The 3D Printers are intended for use by matriculated Stanford undergraduate and graduate students only.
  • Use of the 3D Printers is subject to the Honor Code and Fundamental Standard as well as all applicable Stanford University policies, including the VPSA Computer Usage Policies and Copyright and Fair Use.
  • Academic and personal prints are allowed.
  • Printing any kind of drug, sex, or weapon paraphernalia is prohibited.
  • Those who use the 3D printers and 3D Print Kits will be held accountable for any damage to or loss of equipment attributable to their session.
  • All 3D Printer checkouts are due within 36 hours after your scheduled reservation start time. In accordance with this, if the print is not completed by this time, you will be charged late fines for the late return of the equipment.
  • 3D Print Kits cannot be renewed and must be returned by their return date.
  • No food or drink is allowed near the 3D Printers except water in containers with a secure closure.
  • Failure to comply with policies may result in the suspension of 3D Printer use and Tech Desk equipment checkout privileges.

Key Information

  • Kits are checked out by reservation only, and cannot be checked out ad-hoc (non-reservation)
  • Kits can only be reserved by patrons after completing the Learning Hub Equipment Certification Course and approved by create:space staff
  • All Kits will include: 3D40 or 3D45 printer bed, scraper, USB stick and a glue stick. All items are barcoded, excluding glue sticks.
  • Verify all 3D Print Kit items are present after you have picked up your items.
  • Report any missing items to a create:space or Tech Desk consultant.
  • Patrons are responsible for returning their kits by their due date (no exceptions).

Have a question?

Please submit all questions related to the create:space and create:space 3D Print Kits to the following Service Now form:

Request Support from The Tech Desk (and create:space)