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Register Personal Devices

Students living on campus should register their computers and mobile devices by connecting to the "Stanford" wireless network and following the prompts.

Students living on campus can register gaming consoles and other browser-less devices by using their registered device to visit the Residential Network Tool. You will need the device's MAC (hardware) address to complete the process.  For help finding your MAC (or hardware) address visit Finding Your Hardware Address

Please note that residents of Schwab and Jack McDonald Hall should use the Device Registration Form for Schwab and Jack McDonald Hall Residents to register their personal devices. 

Students living off campus should register personal devices by connecting to the "Stanford" wireless network while on-campus and following the prompts. 

If you need help registering, please submit a request at Student Technical Support or call 650-723-9204.


If you are a visitor and need temporary wireless guest access, visit the Wireless Access for Stanford Visitors page.