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Poster Printing at the Hub

Pay for Printing

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How much does printing cost?

  • Black & white print and copy: $0.12 per printed side of page.
  • Color print and copy: $0.16 per printed side of page.

Scanning is free upon printer login. Scan cards are provided at libraries for scanning-to-email needs.

How do I pay for printing?


Students  have two options:

  1. You can add pre-paid print credits to your Stanford ID card or to your Stanford Printing Card. To add pre-paid print credits to a Stanford ID card or Stanford Printing Card, go to (link works on Stanford network, Residential or VPN). 

  1. 2. Enroll in the StanfordCardPlan (SCP), a credit card (with a $1,000 limit that resets each quarter) that can used for printing as well as at the Stanford Bookstore and several on-campus eateries and dining halls. Enrollment is open at the beginning of each quarter. Balance transfers upon the replacement of a Stanford ID card, but pre-paid credits will always be used before the Stanford Card Plan is charged.


University visitors, visiting scholars, spouses/partners of current affiliates, retirees, and other affiliates can obtain and use a Stanford Printing Card, available at the circulation/loan desks at any Stanford Branch Libraries location. You will need to add pre-paid credits to your card using a debit or credit card prior to printing through this secure online portal. A one-time activation service fee of $5.00 will be added at setup.