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Use a scanner

How do I scan?

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There is no charge to scan, as long as scanned documents are emailed. Charges will be applied if scans are printed. In order to scan to email, follow the below steps: 

  • Tap your Stanford ID badge (or Stanford Printing Card) on the printer’s ID card reader .
  • Press the Scan and Send icon.
  • Press the To my email button if you are using a Stanford ID or enter an email address and press OK. 
  • Place documents face up in the top loader or face down on the glass.
  • Press the green Start button. There is no screen feedback on Send. If you are sending to other people, we recommend sending a copy to yourself.
  • Once your documents are scanned, press Logout.

How do I get additional help?

Email Include the date, time, SUNet ID, the number of pages and printer location. Any additional information about the problem will greatly help us resolve the issue.