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Manage Low Bandwidth

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General Recommendations

If your connection experiences low bandwidth during Zoom meetings, here are some things to do.

  1. Have a backup plan and discuss your plan with instructors and TAs in advance. Being ready to use Zoom on a mobile device or dial in on a phone can be an option.
  2. Limit the use of sending your video or use a setting that turns off sending HD (see below).
  3. Use the default video background as opposed to a virtual background.

Use this Setting for Low Bandwidth

For persistent bandwidth issues, changing the Zoom setting that controls video quality may help.

Here's how to turn off sending HD video in Zoom.

1. Launch the Zoom desktop client and open the Preferences pane.

Screen shot of Zoom menu with Preferences selected


2. On the Preferences pane menu, select Video.

Screen shot of Zoom Preferences pane with Video selected


3. Under the heading My Video, uncheck the box next to "Enable HD."

Screen shot of Zoom Preferences pane with Enable HD indicated


4. Close the Settings pane by clicking the Close feature on the pane.

Screen shot of Zoom Preferences pane with Close button indicated

That's it! Your computer will no longer try to send HD video.